Olypsis and Zenzo: Creating a universal identity-driven ecosystem

Creating an ecosystem that gives users full control over their personal information is a challenging task – that’s where our partnership with Zenzo comes in.

Data privacy is a growing international concern as more and more news emerges about large social media companies invading personal privacy and big businesses failing to protect consumer information from data breaches.

Lawmakers around the world are pushing for tighter restrictions and regulations to hold companies responsible for the mismanagement of user data, but some feel that heavy fines still aren’t enough.

Enter Zenzo: A Universal Identity-Driven Ecosystem

When you download some apps, you’re often given an option to sign in using your Facebook account, which then pulls all your information from the social media platform to set up an account on the app. The problem with this is you can’t always control what information these apps have access to and it leaves you open to having your information used in ways you might not have agreed to in the first place.

Zenzo looks to tackle this problem by creating a platform that allows you to say what personal information can and cannot be used by web-based applications.

Users who join Zenzo’s ecosystem are given a Zenzo Universal Identity (ZUI) profile and can dictate what information is available to the public. Once a member has a verified ZUI, they will be able to contribute to the ecosystem and be rewarded with the governance coin, ZNZ.

In keeping with the mission to be a self-governed and decentralized platform, Zenzo users will also have the option of running a Masternode, which is used to increase the size and speed of the network.

Olypsis and Zenzo Partner Up

Zenzo is still in the early stages of its development and has an enormous task ahead of them. Knowing where to start is half the battle, which is why Olypsis jumped in to both advise and assist with the development of the project. Our CEO, Ali Agha, has also been named Chief Architect of Zenzo.

Helping consumers gain control over their personal information feeds into one of our core principles and what we love about DLT and blockchain tech: liberation. We look forward to helping Zenzo create an ecosystem where trust in businesses can thrive again.




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