Olypsis and Rivetz: Protecting digital assets together

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Rivetz and look forward to working together and creating an ecosystem that offers powerful data protection.

When it comes to building systems that improve data protection for enterprise, we believe there’s no better tech than distributed ledger technology (DLT), popularly known as blockchain.

In our quest to create ecosystems that promote transparency and trust, we look for partnerships that share our vision – which is why we’re proud to announce a partnership with Rivetz.

Rivetz: the blockchain network that protects devices

There are millions of mobile devices in use around the world and with the growing IoT industry working to seamlessly connect technology like never before, data protection is a top priority. The Rivetz Network offers an almost turnkey solution for mobile app developers to protect their users from data theft. For enterprise clients, this means greater protection for their employees who are on the go and use mobile devices to conduct business.

“The biggest issue faced by blockchain solutions today is the lack of provable security,” says Steven Sprague, founder and CEO of Rivetz, in a press release announcing our partnership. “Rivetz and Olypsis both share a common vision of creating safer, simpler and more efficient blockchain solutions for enterprises across the globe.”

Olypsis and Rivetz protecting digital assets together

Over the last five years, data breaches have plagued businesses and forced many companies to take a closer look at how they are protecting their information as well as their consumers.

In working with enterprise clients, we always aim to develop DLT ecosystems that protect and track digital assets. With Rivetz, we’re able to integrate a powerful and growing blockchain network into our clients’ digital infrastructure, with a bonus of data protection.

“Olypsis always looks to lead the pack by working with the most innovative and cutting-edge platforms – Rivetz is just that,” says our CEO Ali Agha. “Utilizing Rivetz technology, Olypsis can architect and integrate world-class security and identity management products that further enhance solutions we deliver to our clients.”

As the world grows and more devices come online, businesses will need to take a close look at how their information is protected. With Olypsis and Rivetz working together, we’re ready to take on the challenge of building a DLT ecosystem that lets you trust again.





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