Meet Michael Lewellen, CTO of Olypsis

A longtime supporter of blockchain-related research and education, Michael Lewellen brings his years of blockchain consultancy and development expertise to the Olypsis team.

Michael Lewellen has been involved in the blockchain space as an investor and consultant for over seven years. He began mining bitcoin in 2012 and quickly became involved with the local crypto community as a general-purpose consultant.

In 2014, Michael founded Cryptocurrency Consulting, a firm that helps early adopters understand and secure digital currencies. And since co-founding the Blockchain Club at UT Dallas, Michael has continued to participate in blockchain-related research and education there as well.

Architecting new blockchain solutions

As a Software Architect, Michael has worked on blockchain solutions for energy trading companies in Texas. He originally joined Olypsis to develop and design blockchain systems for Thomson Reuters, and was named CTO in May of last year.

During his time at Olypsis, Michael has tested and deployed Ethereum smart contracts for various ICOs, including, and has built out DevOps, serving as Scrum Master in development sprints.

Looking to the future

As Michael puts it, he looks forward to seeing the mass adoption of blockchain technology “through the creation of a product that solves problems that are still unresolved.”

At Olypsis, helping businesses develop these types of blockchain-based solutions is our passion. We believe mass adoption is on its way, and those who take advantage of the benefits of distributed ledger technology early on will see the greatest gains.




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