Meet Jordan Sadler, Creative Director at Olypsis

UI and UX is just as important as developing DLT systems. Meet the man who makes sure we look good all around, our Creative Director Jordan Sadler!

One of the biggest barriers to mass adoption for new tech is user experience. When a user interface is too complex or lacks intuitive design, it can be hard for people to jump on board. At Olypsis, we put just as much effort into UI and UX as we do into the programming of our systems’ infrastructures.

Making sure our apps look just as good as they function is our Creative Director Jordan Sadler’s job. We wanted to take the time to introduce the mastermind behind our brand and the guy who is leading the team to create visually appealing UI.

From t-shirt designer to world traveler

Jordan has always been interested in the arts. He started in the traditional medium of pencil and paper before switching to digital art.

But Jordan’s real passion for design was ignited when he and his best friend started a t-shirt printing company. As the main designer, Jordan honed his graphical skills in photoshop and illustrator and created unique images for his customers.

As the business grew, Jordan and his partner saw a bigger calling to make a change in the world. They began to throw benefit festivals for causes that inspired them to do more. After shutting down their t-shirt company, Jordan continued to run festivals until deciding to move to Vietnam.

“I was young and wanted to experience the world,” Jordan explains. While living in Vietnam, he pivoted into the gig economy and offered graphic design services before joining the world of blockchain technology.

Falling down the crypto rabbit hole and finding Olypsis

A few years into living overseas, Jordan learned about cryptocurrency – but what really caught his eye was its underlying technology, blockchain. From that moment on, Jordan became involved with a few different blockchain projects and would eventually meet our CEO, Ali Agha.

Ali was originally brought onto one of these projects as a developer and the two became fast friends. When Olypsis opened, Ali reached out to Jordan and the rest is history.

Commenting on his longtime interest in crypto and blockchain, Jordan explains:

The reason why I was drawn to this space is because I believe it’s empowering technology that allows people to have more control over their funds and assets.

Jordan’s view on the future of DLT

The world of distributed ledger technology (DLT) is a fairly new space and there is plenty to be excited about. While mass adoption is many crypto enthusiasts’ dream, Jordan is looking at something he’s had direct involvement with since joining Olypsis – Dawn Protocol – which he believes will change how users share and protect their personal information.

Dawn is slated to launch in the first quarter of 2019.




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