We build tech

that lets you

trust again.

We build tech that

lets you trust again.

Our goal is to empower people and businesses through the application of trustless, decentralized technologies.

Olypsis Technologies is an innovative research and development company specializing in the fields of trustless systems and distributed ledger technology. Our expert team, comprised of cryptographers, researchers, developers, designers, and business analysts, brings a well-rounded, pragmatic approach to any problem. The two pillars that make up the foundation of our organization are Olypsis Services and Olypsis Labs.

Olypsis Services provides in-depth strategy and advisory, research, DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) solution development, smart contract audits, and Dapp development so that enterprises have the best tools and approaches at their disposal.

   Technology Strategy & Consulting

   Protocol Engineering

   DLT Solution Development

     Dapp Development

     Smart Contract Auditing

We were inspired to create Olypsis Labs to further experiment in developing cutting-edge products and delivering them to market.

DAWN is a secure, encrypted, and decentralized data transfer protocol that removes the need for trusting a third party when storing or transferring data. Most importantly, DAWN restores data sovereignty to the user and grants full control over your files. Files are shared on a peer-to-peer basis by utilizing a combination of IPFS, Encryption, and Ethereum Public and Private keys.


Capsule Studies

Real Time Tax

The Challenge: Tax compliance has traditionally been a laborious process placing significant overhead on governments and businesses.

The Solution: Olypsis Technologies created a revolutionary solution for Thomson Reuters that removes friction from the tax remittance and auditing process by implementing a DLT-based, real-time consumption tax solution. The solution takes into account the sovereign identity of individuals and businesses in order to instantaneously calculate and remit consumption tax.

The Results: The Real Time Tax solution largely eliminates today’s compliance and audit processes and is made to be frictionless and adaptable to multiple formats ranging from web to point of sale. Such an implementation will improve data privacy, expand tax bases, streamline and lower costs associated to tax compliance, bolster global trade, and reduce government bureaucracy.

Decentralized Key Management

The Challenge: The inability to collaborate due to the lack of trust between multiple parties because of commercial or technological reasons. The second part of the challenge is to facilitate trustless key management through distributed ledger technology.

The Solution: A trustless, DLT-based key management system that enables multiple parties access to the appropriate data in real time through verified and validated access points. Cryptographic keys grant permission to whomever is permitted access to the data, how it’s accessed and when it’s accessible.

The Results: Olypsis created the world's first distributed, trustless key management system. BlockNKey allows multiple parties to share data, accessibility, and information without compromising security. In the end, both parties maintain control of their data while mitigating risk.

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